Award winning video production company delivering the best video content tailored to your requirements.


Concept / Script Writing / Casting

The concept is as important as the execution and we pride ourselves on working closely with our clients from the outset. We often contribute to or formulate the project brief – and our expertise can be relied upon from the initial idea onwards.

Once the concept for the project has been fully formed and we’ve agreed on an approach to your film, we’ll assign a dedicated team to your project. We will script, schedule and plan your film in the most efficient way possible. Great scriptwriting is the key to a successful film, we immerse ourselves in your project so we really understand your audience and can produce the right tone of content for your viewers.


Corporate / Commercial / Film / TV

Our video production services are geared to help businesses and organisations communicate effectively. Whether a film features on a website, social media, TV or is used internally, well executed video content has the potential to connect with audiences and communicate brands, products and messages effectively.

Whether you want a simple face-to-camera piece or a multi-location, multi-camera production, we can fulfil and surpass all of your filming requirements. With years of experience producing high quality content we have the knowledge to deliver stunning 4k film content across a wide variety of genres, languages and channels.


Editing / Visual Effects / Audio Design

Post-production is the final stage for any project; a beautifully edited video brings the story you want to tell to life. Aura Films have many years of experience in editing together emotive, informative, engaging and entertaining films for a large number of clients from different industries.

By bringing together music, sound design, voiceovers, colour grading, motion graphics and visual effects Aura Films offers a complete post-production package. Whether your story is happy, sad, loud, packed with information or just mesmerising to watch we can help make your vision a reality in post-production.

360° Filming

360° films offer a highly immersive, sensory experience, and have many applications in all forms of communication. 360° films allow your audience to interact with your video and increase their engagement in your business or brand.

With 360° film we can now capture everything from all angles, in real time. By capturing your projects from all directions, we are able to provide a unique perspective to any viewer. This technique is ideal for capturing events, spaces and locations such as hotels, tourist destinations and beautiful architecture and provides the viewer with an immersive experience that puts them in the space.

Aerial Filming

Aerial footage adds a cinematic quality to your film that will capture your audience’s imagination. Drones allows us to capture epic locations and scenery that cannot be done justice from ground level showing the viewer a whole new perspective.

Aura Films works with an experienced and high skilled team of drone operators with a background in creative and documentary media that are able to create ultra stable cinematic quality footage. We work closely with our clients to design and create the perfect combination of aerial shots to capture the sequences needed for your project.

Motion Graphics

Motion Graphics can connect you with your audience in a fun, emotional and eye-catching way. It can also be a great tool for getting across instructions or information clearly and effectively. Aura Films can create everything from animated logos, titles, motion graphics and presentation of statistics, to fully animated films.

Animated explainer videos can show case data and information in an easily digestible and engaging format and can simply illustrate large amounts of content. These effective videos explain to your audience how to use your product or service in a fun visual manner.