About the client:

Sloppy Joes is a beloved family restaurant that has been located in the centre of Colchester for over 25 years.

Film type:

Online Commercial / Motion Graphics


Facebook & Client Website


Sloppy Joes had recently gone through a rebrand and had completely revamped their menu. The client wanted to show their core customers what the new menu included and introduce them to the new brand as well as attract potential new customers to the restaurant. The video needed to emphasis Sloppy Joes’ dedication to fresh ingredients and home made food.

How we achieved it:

We created a commercial that was short and snappy so Facebook viewers scrolling through their timelines would be attracted to the ad and we could convey all of the clients information to them in a short amount of time. The fast paced nature of the ad allowed us to show multiple menu items to grab the audience’s attention. We spent a day in the kitchen with the Sloppy Joe’s chefs filming them preparing and creating the dishes from scratch to ensure we captured the fresh home made feel of the restaurant.