About the client:

Snif Snax produce high quality healthily snacks for dogs that are produced to the same standards as food made for human consumption.

Film type:

Broadcast Commercial / Celebrity Endorsement




This video was the launch of the advertising campaign for their new product and needed to show customers the quality and high standard of the product. Snif Snax also wanted a high profile celebrity to endorse the product.

How we achieved it:

Aura films used AnnaLynne McCord (90210, Nip/Tuck, Ugly Betty) as the celebrity endorsement as the product was mainly aimed at the US market and she is a high profile name in that region. As we had a star in the advert we did not over complicate the visuals and kept AnnaLynne on screen for the majority of the advert. We got the message across to the audience by using AnnaLynne’s star appeal to portray all of the key information and to ensure the advert had a high quality feel we shot in a cinematic style on a high quality set.