Aura Films is an award winning production company delivering online content, educational films, high-end corporate videos, promotional videos music promos and instructional videos.

Who We Are

Aura Films is an independent production company specialising in effective online marketing videos. We are a team of highly skilled, broadcast production personnel with a track record of creating, challenging, creative and highly effective videos and a dedication to creating new and innovative work that helps our clients achieve their objectives.

What We Can Do For You

We work with our clients to produce stunning videos, helping them communicate more effectively and directly with their audience than ever before. Broadcast production values are now within the reach of even the most modest budget. We believe that our expertise in storytelling, making complex ideas simple, and our vast experience of video production and management will give you the edge in an increasingly competitive environment and we can also run professional marketing campaigns for each video ensuring your online video executed, analysed and monitored to get the most out of your investment. When you commission Aura Films to produce your video, you have our undivided attention as a full-service production company and we handle the entire production process.

Benefits of Video for Business

Video generates more revenue than any other form of online marketing and is fastest way to attract people to your site, increase sales, sign-ups and customer interaction. A high quality video is the easiest way of entertaining, educating and helping your audience to make an informed purchase decision. YouTube is the second most used search engine and there some days when YouTube gets more traffic than Google meaning that when people want to learn something, they turn to video for the answer.