About the client:

UK Bullion Gold sells gold and silver bullion across the UK and Ireland

Film type:

Broadcast Commercial / Product Video


Broadcast & Social Media


Irish Gold Bullion wanted three commercials; a one minute, a 30 second and a 15 second advert the standard lengths for broadcast commercials. Each advert had to show the basic steps of buying bullion from the company and why bullion was a good investment.

How we achieved it:

Our main obstacle in this production was getting all of the details of buying bullion from UK Bullion Gold into the commercials. To solve this problem we used a variety of techniques, voice-over to portray key information, motion graphics and animation of the clients website to show the processes and live action footage of the gold and silver to sell the product. By using multiple techniques to portray information to the audience we were able to get all of the key information across to the audience in a condensed period of time.