About the client:

Metallic Elephant manufactures premium hot foil machines for every type of need.

Film type:

Product Video | Instructional


Social Media & Direct E-mail


Metallic Elephant wanted to create a series of videos that showed current and potential customers how to use their machines but also promote the build quality of their product, the multiple applications and ease of use.

How we achieved it:

The key aspect of an instructional video is to ensure the instructions are clear and correct. Aura Films spent time with the machine and a product expert to ensure we fully understood how the machines work and how to capture their use visually. We lit and shot the video like a commercial to ensure the machines were aesthetically interesting as we wanted the video to show the visual appeal of the product as well as the how to use it. We kept the instructions basic and simple and ensured the videos were short and precise so audiences knew exactly how to use the machines in an easily digestible video.